MacBook Air (2020) New Magic KeyBoard Review

There is no denying some of us experienced issues with keyboards in previous MacBooks. So much so Apple had to launch a multi-year Keyboard Replacement Program. But it seems those issues will belong in the past, as Apple has come up with a brand new keyboard. The 16-inch MacBook Pro wad first to receive it, but now the MacBook Air.

I’ve been using the new MacBook Air (2020) for some weeks now. The keyboard has quickly become my favourite change with the new modem. It’s far more comfortable and quiet and brings me back to what I loved about the keyboard before the last-generation.

If you are reading this to find out if Apple has fixed the keyboard. I’m comfortable in answering yes.

New Magic Keyboard

Apple calls it the ‘new Magic Keyboard’ and it’s their newest generation keyboard. Apple has essentially looked at what people loved about the previous keyboard. And what people loved about the Magic Keyboard to bring the ‘new Magic Keyboard’.

As a result, Apple has made the following adjustments:

  • Refined scissor mechanism to enable 1mm key travel
  • An Apple-designed rubber dome under each keycap, delivering a responsive and satisfying key press
  • Preserves more energy than in previous designs
  • New keycap structure and scissor mechanism locks into the keycap at the top of travel – mitigating wobble
  • Stable key feel

Everything Apple has put on paper feels true in reality. I have been able to write every article over the past number of weeks on this website from the MacBook Air with no issues. Overall it is a much more enjoyable experience.

Longterm longevity is yet to be seen, but there have been no reports of issues with the new keyboard design from the 16-inch MacBook Pro.

MacBook Air

MacBook Air, the world’s most loved notebook, with faster performance, the new Magic Keyboard, twice the storage and a new lower price of A$1599 and A$1439 for education.

The new MacBook Air delivers up to two times faster CPU performance and up to 80% faster graphics performance, letting customers breeze through daily activities and play more games. Now starting with 256GB of storage, MacBook Air allows customers to store even more movies, photos and files. With its brilliant 13-inch Retina display for vivid images and sharp text, Touch ID for easy login and secure online purchases, spacious trackpad, and all-day battery life combined with the power of macOS Catalina, it’s the best MacBook Air ever made.

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