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Redesigned Apple Bondi Store Opening June 29th

Since its temporary closure in March, Apple has been renovating one of its largest stores in Australia – Apple Bondi. Ever since it’s been wrapped in blue with a simple message that reads “We’re making the Apple Store you love even lovelier”. Now June many are asking when will the store reopen?

Today Apple has confirmed they will be pulling off the wraps and reopening the store this month. With the public being invited to check out the new store from Saturday, June 29th at 9:30 am.

When Apple Bondi does reopen you can expect the store to look significantly better than it did before. And should feature the Video Wall for Today at Apple sessions, new seating, wall displays, glass doors, and more. In what will be the same next-generation retail store design Apple Chadstone in Melbourne received some time ago.

Today at Apple session

Last month Apple also upgraded one of their other Sydney stores – Apple Broadway. It too received the Video Wall display for Today at Apple sessions, but that’s about it. A temporary closure was not required so in comparison the upgrade was minor.

Apple Bondi will reopen from Saturday 29th June at 9:30 am. More details can be found on Apple’s website.

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