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Apple Bondi Store Closed For Renovations

"We’re making the Apple Store you love even lovelier."

Apple Bondi, one of Apple’s biggest retail stores in Australia has been closed. But the closure is only tempory, as Apple is renovating the store to make it “even lovelier” and is expected to reopen soon.

The store, which was opened on Friday, 28th of May 2010, is one of Apple’s flagship stores. Making it one of their largest in Australia. It was also one of their first retail stores which contained trees and a glass skylight roof – both of which still remained prior to the closure and were iconic for the store.

We’re making the Apple Store you love even lovelier.

Now nine years since opening, the store has been overdue for an upgrade. It is rare for Apple to completely close a store down for renovations, therefore, it is expected that the store will receive their next-generation store design. The same which has been implemented across a number of their stores around the world. And the upgrade Apple Chadstone on the outskirts of Melbourne, Australia received.

Apple’s Wall TV in Apple Chadstone

Apple’s next-generation retail stores are still recognisable as Apple Stores with large panels of glass and aluminium. However wood is used a lot more than the previously used material – aluminium. But the signature piece of the new design is a large wall display inside. Which reportedly costs US$1.5M each. It will be used for those free Today At Apple events, which Apple recently expanded.

Reopening Date

The reopening date for Apple Bondi has not yet been confirmed been confirmed, but it has remained closed since March 24th, 2019. Therefore, I’d expect the store to reopen fairly quickly. Until then, Apple has put a notice on their website to say please visit to find your nearest store.

  1. What do you mean by saying that the Bondi store will open ‘fairly quickly’ or ‘soon’.

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