Apple Shows What You Can Do on iPad Pro In New Video Series

All designed, shot and edited on iPad Pro.


The iPad Pro range is the most powerful iPad models available. With advanced processors, graphics, and technology packed in. The most recent models which include an all-screen design has come a long way since the first iPad. With the device now more powerful than 90% of PCs sold today – insane.

I’ve been using one for the past number of months now, for studying nursing, and more. The performance of it is insane, so much so I agree with many others in saying iOS, the software that runs on it needs to become more powerful. Although that is going to change with Adobe set to release Photoshop later in the year.

There is a lot I have been able to do that wasn’t so easily possible with earlier models. But It seems a lot of people I speak to assume the iPad is only good for reading and doing simple tasks. Like emailing and browsing the web. I suspect Apple has recognised this, so they’ve gone on to create a number of ‘Look what you can do. With iPad Pro.’ Videos.


The videos show what is possible to do on iPad Pro. And how the Apple-designed Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard integrate with the process. For example, in one video Apple shows how you can create a presentation in Keynote. And how the Apple Pencil allows you to draw. While in another video Apple shows how you can plug in a USB-C external microphone to record your own Podcast. Then editing it and publishing it right on iPad Pro.

Perhaps just as interesting, all these videos were in fact filmed and edited on iPad Pro. A behind the scenes video posted by Appel recently how just how the product team achieved this using professional apps available to everyone on the App Store.

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All videos can be viewed below, on Apple’s website, or on their YouTube channel. You can also learn or buy iPad Pro from Apple’s online store.

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