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Apple Music Reorganises Artist Sections, Separating Albums, Singles and more

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New Daily 100 playlists were not the only new update Apple Music rolled out over the weekend. Artist sections have now been reorganised, changing the way albums, playlists, singles, and more from a particular artist were displayed.

New Artist Pages

Every artist on Apple Music has their own dedicated section to display their catalogue of music. It’s also were curated artist playlists are displayed, for example their essentials.

When navigating to an artist page you can now see their:

  • Top songs and Latest Release
  • Albums
  • Music Videos
  • Artist Playlists
  • Singles & EPs
  • Compilations
  • ‘Appear on’
  • Live Albums
  • About, and more such as similar artists

Browsing the artists catalogue of music is much easier than before. Previously Albums, Singles, EPs, Live Albums, and so on were merged together. Making it difficult to sort through them all. These all now have their dedicated section, a welcome addition.

Madonna Artist Page Redesign Apple Music

For artists who have a large collection of music, I’ve noticed an Essential Albums section. For example, Madonna’s albums Ray of Light, Like a Prayer, and True Blue get specially featured with a large album cover.

These changes have now been rolled out to the service for all Apple Music members. It joins the latest changes including Daily Top 100, albums coming soon, and a large library of Music Videos.

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