Apple Music Now Displays Albums ‘Coming Soon’

Amy Shark

In a much-welcome addition, Apple Music, Apple’s music streaming service now displays a list of upcoming albums in a dedicated list. The new section, called “Coming Soon” not only displays a list of upcoming albums, but also displays an expected release date within each album.

For example, the upcoming album by Amy Shark called Love Monster has an expected release of July 13th, 2018. While Liberation by Christina Aguilera is due 15th June 2018.

In addition, it is also possible to add the album to your library. Upon release, you will automatically be able to stream and listen to every song. While some albums allow you to stream a selection of songs during pre-release.

Coming Soon Albums on Apple Music in iTunes

The new section can be found by navigating to the Browse tab in the Apple Music App > New Music then scrolling to the bottom. It is a little hidden, hopefully, Apple will feature the list more prominently in a future update.

  1. I don’t think this is anything new?

    I had been following Janelle Monae’s Dirty Computer and A Perfect Circle’s Eating the Elephant (yes my tastes are quite eclectic) for months prior to their release.

    They showed up as albums in Apple Music (iOS- iPhone), with most of the track names, I just couldn’t listen to them until release/pre-release.

    Or are you stating this is a new feature for iTunes on the Mac?

    1. Hi Leigh,

      Firstly, A Perfect Circle are amazing!

      You’re right in saying Apple Music always showed pre-release albums and you could stream selected songs. What’s new is the dedicated list of “Coming Soon” albums. This was added only about a week ago. It can be seen in Apple Music on iTunes and iOS Apps on iPhone, iPad, etc.

      As mentioned, it’s a little hidden for now. If you go to Browse > New Music > and scroll right to the bottom you will see it. Apple Music now displays the release date in each Album now as well, previously they did not :).


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