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Apple Music Video Streaming With Apple TV 4K and HomePod

Apple Music, Now With An Expansive Library Of Music Videos

Apple Music has always been home to one of the most expansive libraries of songs, with 45-million available for streaming. Now, the service is home to one of the biggest libraries of Music Videos.

While browsing Apple Music, you will now see a new dedicated Music Video section. There you can discover new and exclusive Music Videos, never before seen performances, and curated video playlists.

Best of all, each video can be streamed with an Apple Music membership at no extra cost and downloaded free for offline viewing. As with Music, it is also possible to create your own playlists and add your favourite music videos.

Music Video Playlists

Perhaps what separates Apple Music from other streaming services is curated playlists. Each of them are put together by a team at Apple Music, not by computer. For music, there are thousands of playlists, now, there are a large number of video playlists.

“Apple Music is now home to the best music video-watching experience available anywhere.”

Music Video Playlists include Today’s Video Hits, Must-See videos, Epic Videos, Classic Australian Videos, 90s Video Hits, ’00s Video Hits, and a lot more. Plus many more including by genre, activity, artist, and more.

In a way, it reminds me of the Video Hits days, a show which used to be broadcast on TV. But a modern version of it. Where you get to choose what you want to watch and when. Or let Apple Music help you discover something new.

iOS, Android, and Apple TV

Apple Music is available on iOS (iPhone and iPad), Apple Watch, and Android. But perhaps the best way to stream Music Videos is on the big screen. With Apple TV, including the Apple TV 4K, it is possible to stream music and video content from Apple Music on your TV.

You can learn more about Music Videos on Apple Music by visiting

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