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Adobe Premiere Pro runs up to 80% faster on Mac with Apple M1 Chip

Adobe recently released a major update to its creative professional video editing app Premiere Pro. Bringing speech-to-text and more, but it’s the significant performance gains to M1-compatible MAcs that has stood out.

The Apple M1 Chip is the first silicon chip that has been designed and engineered by Apple for the Mac. It is found in the new 24-inch iMac, Mac Mini, MacBook Air, and selected MacBook Pro models.

Since its release it has continued to provide shockingly crazy performance, surprising many in just how fast it is compared to Intel-based PCs. Even Intel-based Macs.

“Premiere Pro runs nearly 80% faster than comparable Intel-based Macs”


You only need to look at the newest update to Adobe Premiere Pro to get a sense of just how powerful M1 is. The results are in and in the words of Adobe “Premiere Pro runs nearly 80% faster than comparable Intel-based Macs”. 80%!

Adobe goes on to explain in a blog article that everything from launching to final exports has got faster. And features like the AI-powered Scene Edit Detection is “at least” 430% faster on Apple M1.

Other performance highlights:

  • Launch 50% faster
  • Open projects 77% faster
  • Save projects 168% faster
  • Gradient wipe effect 90% faster
  • Lens Flare effect 66% faster

More information can be found on Adobe’s website.

Buying M1

The insane thing is getting a Mac with all this performance is incredibly affordable. Because the MacBook Air, one of the most affordable Mac Computers, is powered by the Apple M1 Chip. And it is available from a recommended retail price of A$1,499. Even cheaper for eligible students and teachers at A$1,349. The new 24-inch iMac range is also powered by the new Apple M1 Chip, an excellent entry-level desktop Mac. It is available from a recommended retail price of A$1,899.

The complete range of Mac Computers is available from Apple online. And most models can be customised in a variety of ways, from more memory RAM, storage, and more.

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