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Apple again extending Apple TV Plus trials

Apple is reportedly once again extending free Apple TV+ trials, right through until July 2021. The second free extension after Apple extended trials last October.

When the service launched in November 2019, Apple offered one year free to those who purchased an eligible device. An offer which still runs at the time of writing (Janurary, 2021). Those who were eligible for the offer would have had their free trials expire in November 2020. But last October, Apple extended those trials until January 2021. Now they will be extended until July 2021.

Those who are eligible for the free trial extension will receive emails from Apple over the next few weeks.

It is unclear why Apple has chosen to expand the free trial again. Perhaps the reasoning is because of content delays. Some shows have had their release schedules pushed back due to COVID-19. But the pace of new content is picking up. This month Apple released season two of “Dickinson” and “Servant”.

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