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Girl wearing Beats Powerbeats Pro in Ivory Colour

PowerBeats Pro Available Soon In Three New Colours

Ivory, Moss, and Navy

Highly popular PowerBeats Pro, new wireless earphones by Beats has been available for some time, in Black only. However, by the end of the month, you will be able to buy them in three new colours – Ivory, Moss, and Navy. At the same recommended retail price of AUD$349.95.

Apple (who owns the Beats brand) has confirmed orders will be accepted on their online store from August 22nd, 2019. And the earphones in three promised colours will start being delivered from August 30th. A date you should expect to start seeing them being on the shelves at Apple Retail Stores around Australia. But expect stocks to be limited. At time of writing, black PowerBeats Pro still has a shipping date of 5-7 days.

The new colours were revealed during the announcement of the product earlier on in the year. After a wait, they were eventually released in several countries, including Australia, in black. With a promise that the new colours will be available “This Winter”. Those three colours include Ivory (off-white), Moss (green), and Navy (Blue).

PowerBeats Pro in Ivory, Moss, Navy, and Black
PowerBeats Pro in Ivory, Moss, Navy, and Black

PowerBeats Pro has been popular since their release as they feature much of the same technology inside the new AirPods. But unlike AirPods, are sweat-resistant and have been designed and engineered for use during exercising and more. You can learn more about the differences between AirPods and PowerBeats Pro here.

Pricing and Availability

In Australia, PowerBeats Pro is priced at a recommended retail price (RRP) of AUD$349.95. They can be purchased from Apple’s online store where all orders will get free, fast delivery. And the ability to return them up to 14-days after.

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