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Snoopy In Space Apple TV Plus Series

Our Favourite Beagle Snoopy Is Going To Space In An Exclusive Apple TV+ Series

Apple is slowly starting to share more previews of their original content on its upcoming Apple TV+ service. The latest, Snoopy in Space, arrives during the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission.

Snoopy in Space is an upcoming Peanuts educational series that will land exclusively on Apple TV+. A series that tells the dreams of Snoopy of becoming an Astronaut. This dream becomes a reality when he and Woodstock go on a field trip to NASA and get selected on a mission. Details that have been shared by Deadline.

The story will continue by showing Snoopy and Woodstock undergoing astronaut training. While Charlie Brown and the gang assist their mission from mission control.

Apple announced its Apple TV+ service earlier in the year with a heavy focus on ‘storytelling’ with the likes of Oprah Winfrey jumping on board. The story of Snoopy in Space will be told by being produced by DHX Media, which is working closely with Peanuts Worldwide. Peanuts Worldwide has gone on to sign a deal with NASA. The result will see the series promote space exploration.

Apple TV+ arrives worldwide and in Australia during Spring, 2019.

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