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How To Create an Apple Business Account

To access Apple’s new Business Online Store for Small and Medium-sized businesses you need to create an Apple Business Account. The purpose is to make your business eligible for a range of new benefits. Including personalised support and the ability to earn business pricing.

While you can learn more about the new store here, I thought I would create a how-to-guide on creating the account. Thankfully Apple has made the steps quite simple.

Step 1 – Apple ID for Business

Firstly, simply head over to the new Apple Business Store. You will then be asked to create a free Apple ID or simply use your existing one for your business.

Apple Business Account Guide Apple ID

Your Apple ID is the email you use to login to a number of Apple services. Including the App Store, iTunes, and iCloud.

Step 2 – Create your Business Account

Now simply fill in some information about your Business. This includes the name of your business, business phone number, address, and Australian Business Number (ABN).


These details will form your eligibility and your custom-store. It will also become the account you use to earn benefits and business pricing.

Step 3 – Start Shopping

Once you’ve completed creating your Business Account you will then be able to gain access to the online store. This is where your business can purchase Apple products that are suitable for your needs.

Creating an Apple Business Account Shop Online

It’s time for a better way to work. Apple’s team is available online, in-store and over the phone, to help you find the right products for your business. – Apple

All products are available including Mac Computers, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and more. In addition, Apple has also included a range of accessories for businesses – including Point-of-purchase products that accept Apple Pay.

Shop Apple online for Business

  1. What about for businesses in the US? When I attempt to do this, the only option for a business address it is giving me is for Australia.

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