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Apple Watch Series 3 Gold Stainless Steel

Apple Highlights Apple Watch Series 4 Reviews

For the past week, a number of reviewers around the world have been lucky enough to spend time with the Apple Watch Series 4. An Apple Watch that features an all-new display in a re-engineered case. Plus new communication and health capabilities including fall and Electrocardiogram detection.


Now a day prior to release, Apple has highlighted a number of key quotes from these reviewers. Which include Vogue Australia, The New York Times, Women’s Health, popular YouTuber iJustine, and more.

Many have commented on the larger display, which is over 30% larger than previous generation models. iJustine has said “This screen makes it feel like I’m watching a freaking IMAX movie!” while The Independent UK noted, “The design is just gorgeous and the bright, vivid display with its narrow, curved bezels, looks sensational.”.

Apple Watch Series 4 Reviews

Vogue particularly took interest in the new stainless steel design, which now comes in a new gold colour. They’ve said the “glitzy” new gold-toned stainless steel pairs perfectly with the new iPhone XS. Perfect “for those who like to keep their accessories in line.”.

Locally, Vogue Australia went on to say “It’s absolutely incredible what Apple has done in just a few short years” – I tend to agree.


The full list of comments and links to reviews can be seen on Apple’s website. In Australia, Apple Watch Series 4 is priced from A$599. And will be available from Apple’s online store and in selected stores from Friday 21st September 2018.