iMac Pro Display with Animation

Apple Demonstrates iMac Pro Power, With a Series of Films

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The iMac Pro, which was recently released, remains Apple’s most powerful Mac shipped – ever. It packs in technology which delivers performance for the most intensive tasks, from advanced graphics editing, real-time 3D rendering, video editing, and so on.

To demonstrate just what the iMac Pro is capable of, Apple teamed up with six visionary artists. Each of them, from filmmakers, CG artists, and motion designers created a project on the iMac Pro. These projects are now showcased in a series of films. The films show each project being developed and created using an iMac Pro. From concept to final development, plus the tools and programs they used.

All videos and projects can be viewed from Apple’s website.


Each project outlines the tools and program used by the artist to create their film. They range from Adobe Creative Cloud, Final Cut Pro X, V-Ray, Cinematic 4D, Maya, and much more.

The iMac Pro

iMac Pro is aimed at delivering the huge performance required by businesses in the field of design, animation, film, engineering, science, and so on.

Apple offers the iMac Pro is a standard configuration which is priced at A$7,299 or A$6,709 with Apple’s Educational Pricing Offer (saving A$590). iMac Pro can be purchased from Apple’s online store where they’re offering customisation options, free delivery or pick-up, and 14-day free returns.

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