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ROLI BLOCK Music-Making System


Make music from iPhone and iPad with ROLI BLOCK, a modular system music studio with touch-enabled blocks that support tapping, sliding, and other gestures for creating sounds only limited by your imagination. – Only available at Apple.



Australian Buyers Guide & Information

Looking to buy the ROLI BLOCK system for iPhone and iPad?

Here you can get an overview of the product, what you can do, product photos and videos, plus more.


What can you do?

Create music from your iPhone or iPad by tapping, sliding, pressing, lifting the ROLI BLOCK – a modular music studio system. The only limitation is your imagination because you can create just about any sound and sound effects.

Simply start with the Lightpad Block a touch-enabled block for creating just about any sound that you use with a free app called NOISE that powers the modular system.


Who is it for?

For everyone from beginners to professionals who are interested in learning and creating music whether it’s for a hobby and just for fun or for those who are serious about releasing music.

This is because the free NOISE app has a learning mode for beginners while the ability to add additional modular blocks unlocks even more features from sound loops and more.


Product Gallery



Learn more about the ROLI BLOCK modular system with these official product videos


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