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DJI OSMO Gimbal for iPhone


The new DJI OSMO iPhone Gimbal will allow you to capture cinematic video from your iPhone because it’s able to stabilise your iPhone while you move about. This gimbal includes a feature which will automatically track subjects, capture motion time-lapses, start recording at the press of a button and more. All you need to do is attach your iPhone into the Gimbal and download the free app.



Buyers Guide & Information

Looking to buy the DJI Osmo mobile for iPhone?

Here you can get an overview of the product, what you can do, product photos and videos, plus more.

DJI Osmo Mobile

DJI Osmo

What can you do?

With the DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal for iPhone, you will be able to record cinematic stabilised video, amazing panoramas, and more because the gimbal automatically turns your iPhone into a motion camera by automatically moving and adjusting as you move about.

You will also benefit from features such as ActiveTrak a feature which lets you select a subject such as a person or animal to then have the gimbal automatically keep the iPhone focused on.

DJI Osmo

Who is it for?

The DJI Osmo Mobile Gimbal will be great for anyone who will be interested in capturing the best video possible from an iPhone.

It will be particularly ideal during travelling and during professional video shoots.

DJI Osmo

Product Gallery

DJI Osmo Mobile iPhone 7 Front
DJI Osmo Mobile iPhone 7 Back
DJI Osmo Mobile iPhone 7

DJI Osmo


Learn more about the DJI Osmo Gimbal for iPhone with these official product videos


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