Apple temporarily closes Apple Canberra Retail Store

The Apple Store in Canberra has temporarily closed and will remain closed for several days. With Apple directing shoppers to its online store for free, no-contact delivery.

Canberra has plunged into a lockdown from today (August 12th, 2021) due to a positive COVID-19 case in the community. Because of this, Apple has closed its retail store in Canberra Centre while lockdown is in place.

Many Apple stores are within several lockdowns areas that are occurring around Australia. Due to the Delta strain of COVID-19. However, Apple does not always close a store within a lockdown area completely. For example, while Sydney is in lockdown, the Apple Sydney store remains open – for click and collect only.

Apple Canberra will remain temporarily closed whilst ACT lockdown takes place. In the meantime, Apple products are available for purchase from Apple online. And other online sites such as Amazon.

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