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Refurbished Apple Watch apple online Australia

Apple now selling Refurbished Apple Watch in Australia

Save at least 15%

For the first time, Apple has started selling ‘Certified Refurbished’ Apple Watch models exclusively on its online store. Meaning it is now possible to buy an Apple Watch at even more affordable pricing. All backed with a full warranty, free returns, and more.

All refurbished Apple Watch models go through a rigorous process before being offered on sale. Which includes full functionality testing, inspection, and more. And are all then repackaged with new cables, manuals, watchOS (operating system), and more. Any that are found to require replacement parts are not included offered for sale. Therefore promise to meet Apple’s high expectations.

Refurbished Apple Watch Series 5

Substantial savings is perhaps the biggest benefit of buying from the refurbished store. Pricing does vary depending on the model and generation of the product. But generally, prices, including Apple Watch start at least 15% cheaper than the recommended retail price. A number that only increases as more newer-generation models are announced.

At the time of writing, a range of refurbished Series 5 Apple Watch models are available. And are priced starting at A$459 for a 40mm aluminium case with GPS connectivity. While a 44mm version with stainless steel and GPS + cellular connectivity is priced at just A$869.

This pricing appears to be priced in between the cost for a current-generation Apple Watch Series 6 and more affordable Apple Watch SE. Which are priced starting at A$599 for the Series 6 and A$429 for the SE.

Where to buy

In Australia, Refurbished Apple Watch models certified by Apple are only available from Apple’s online store. All orders include fast, free delivery and free returns. Stock tends to be extremely limited, but Apple regularly updates the refurbished store.

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