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AppleCare+ for iPhone 12 Pro makes service fees significantly cheaper

Get two incidents of accidental damage each year and more

Apple Care Plus for iPhone 12 Pro

A few months ago Apple added the ability to subscribe for AppleCare+ at a monthly price. Making it easier to pay for when previously you had to pay for two years up front. If you’re buying the new iPhone 12 or iPhone 12 Pro you may want to consider AppleCare+. Because it provides coverage for accidental damage – including smashed screens and much more. But you only have 60 days to purchase/subscribe after getting your new iPhone.

Over the weekend I picked up my new iPhone 12 Pro and immediately subscribed to AppleCare+ for a monthly fee of A$13.49. For that, I get priority 24/7 Apple support, additional hardware coverage and repair options, and software support. But the reason I subscribed is for ‘accidental damage protection’ – and that is where AppleCare+ can be extremely worth the cost.

Accidental damage protection

Accidental damage protection gives you peace of mind by giving two incidents of accidental damage protection every 12 months for a cost significantly less than without AppleCare+.

For example, if I was to smash the screen of my iPhone 12 Pro it will cost A$439 to fix. But because I have AppleCare+ it will only cost A$45. And if I was that careless and smashed the screen twice every year it will still only cost A$45 each time.

AppleCare+ for 256GB iPhone 12 Pro

Savings get even more significant with ‘other damage’. If I was to drop my iPhone and smash the camera lens at the back it would usually cost A$859(!!) to fix. But with AppleCare+ it will only cost me A$149. And again, I could make two claims per year.

In summary, service pricing for iPhone 12 Pro with or without AppleCare+ is as follows:

ServiceNormal FeeAppleCare+ Fee
Screen replacementA$439A$45
Other damageA$859A$149
Battery replacementA$109A$0
Pricing as of October, 2020

A full list of pricing on servicing for all iPhone models can be viewed on Apple’s website.

Pricing and how to buy

AppleCare+ varies in price according to the model of device you have and if you buy monthly or upfront. The cost of AppleCare+ for my 256GB iPhone 12 Pro is A$269 for 24-months or A$13.49 per month – which will keep going beyond 36-months until I either cancel or Apple can no longer service iPhone 12 Pro.

To buy AppleCare+ on device simply tap on ‘Settings>General>About’. Under the Serial Number, there should be the ability to tap into ‘AppleCare+’.

More information on AppleCare+ for iPhone can be found at:

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