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How To Correctly Disinfectant Your iPhone

During the Coronavirus pandemic and beyond


With the continuing Coronavirus pandemic sweeping the world, cleaning your iPhone has never been more critical. And should be done each day to ensure we are not spreading potential infections. Particularly because most people even use their iPhone whilst on the toilet! But there is a right and wrong way.

Apple has updated its Cleaning your iPhone support page with additional information on what can and can’t be done. Including an answer to the question: Is it OK to use a disinfectant on my iPhone?


Disinfecting your iPhone should be done using a 70% (or less) isopropyl alcohol wipe, according to Apple. Alternatively a Clorox Disinfecting Wipe. An d you should gently wipe the exterior surfaces of your iPhone.

Things you should also keep in mind include:

  • Bleach should NOT be used
  • Avoid getting moisture in any openings (despite many models now being water-resistant)
  • Submerging iPhone in any cleaning agents should not be done

Cleaning screens

Most newer iPhone models have a fingerprint-resistant oleophobic coating that is oil repellent. Hence, using cleaning products and abrasive materials will most likely diminish the coating. Apple also goes on to say they may even scratch your iPhone.

Therefore you should be extra careful when cleaning the display. Apple recommends using a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth – for example, a lens cloth.

More Information

Additional cleaning instructions for current and previous iPhone models can be found on Apple’s website.

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