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Apple Music Introduces Replay, See What You Listened To In 2019

Your top songs, artists, albums, and more in one place

Apple Music Replay

Apple has introduced a new feature to Apple Music that is perhaps one of the most requested each year. Called Apple Music Replay, it compiles all your top songs, artists, albums, and more throughout the year into one place. It is possible to generate a Replay 2019 playlist – and past years far back until when Apple Music launched in 2015.

To access the feature, simply head over to or look out for the banner within the Apple Music app. After clicking “Get Your Replay Mix”, Apple Music will do its magic and generate a whole bunch of playlists and other information.

I gave the feature a go. I can now keep track of the 773 hours of music I have listened to so far in 2019. My most played songs are now in a Replay 2019 playlist I can now listen to – and will be updated throughout the remainder of the year. I can also see my current favourite artists, sorted from the 153 different artists I have listened to. And out of 96 albums I’ve loved, I can see my top 10.

One cool aspect of Apple Music Replay is the fact that it is not just an end-of-year feature. Apple has said it will continuously update all-year long. And we can expect a summary of our music next year in 2020.

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