Beats Solo Pro Wireless Headphones Improved Design

Beats Unveils Solo Pro, Noise-cancelling Headphones

Pure ANC, Improved Design, and more

There’s a good chance you’ve seen somebody listening to music wearing Beats Solo headphones. After all, over 30 million of them have been sold today. Making them one of the most popular headphones in the world.

Today Beats by Dre has unveiled their latest headphone – the Solo Pro. The brands first on-ear noise-cancelling headphone. Complete with better sound, improved design, hands-free “Hey Siri”, long battery life, and more. Available in Australia from October 30th at a Recommended Retail Price of A$429.95.

Improved Design

Right from the get-go, the Solo Pros have that recognisable design of the Solo range. But you will be mistaken if you think they look exactly like its predecessor.

After “extensive testing with users”, Beats has redesigned cushions of the on-ear cups. And have remodelled the enclosure. Promising better long-wear comfort and excellent sound delivery.

Exposed metal sliders on each side enable a more durable and personalised fit. While a monolithic headband creates a singular structure without visible separation at the hinges when unfolded.

These redesigned elements make the Solo Pro headphones the sleekest they have ever been. And should be the most comfortable – at least that is the aim.


The upgraded design, while great, is not the most significant addition – that will go to Pure ANC. Short for Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling, a technology that is delivered from Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones.

When on, the headphones will block out external noise that surrounds you. And does this by continuously monitoring and making adjustments based on the sounds which surround you. But on the fly, it also evaluates the fit of the headphones, searching for “leakage”. Leakage can be caused by how the headphones are placed on your head, to earrings, the shape of your ear – even hair.

Beats Solo Pro in Dark Blue on Lounge
Solo Pro in Dark Blue

Pure ANC enables you to hear the music with substantially better sound quality. And closer to how the artist intended and hears in the studio.

Naturally, there are moments you may want to hear the environment around you. Perhaps to hear someone speak, or listen to an announcement at the airport and so on.

A feature called Transparency can be activated at any time. And when turned on, the headphones will filter in the sounds around you. Yet, will not drown out the song you’re listening to.

Other Features

The redesign, Pure ANC, and Transparency are the most prominent features of the Solo Pro. But there are other enhancements including:

  • Automatic powering on and off when unfolding and folding. No more power button
  • Apple Audio Sharing. A feature which enables you and a friend listen to the same song simultaneously (iOS 13/iPadOS required)
  • Hands-free “Hey, Siri”
  • Refined driver with optimized diaphragm geometries contributes an exceptional frequency response with lower total harmonic distortion
  • Two beam-forming microphones and an updated speech-detecting accelerometer

Battery Life

Noise-cancelling technology has been responsible for chewing through battery life in the past. But that is not the case here, with Beats promising significant battery life with the Solo Pros.

With Pure ANC and Transparency on you will get up to 22-hours of battery life. But with Pure ANC and transparency off, this will increase to up to an insane 40-hours.

Charging is done Lightning, the same port and cable the iPhone and iPad (exception of the new iPad Pro) use. Beats do include a Lightning Box in the cable.

Pricing and Availability

In Australia, Beats by Dre Solo Pro headphones will be released on October 30th. And will be priced at a Recommended Retail Price of A$429.95. Colours include Black, Ivory, Grey, Dark Blue, Light Blue and Red.

Apple (which owns the Beats brand) is making the Solo Pro headphones available for pre-order from their online store. All orders include free, fast delivery or pick-up and 14-day returns.

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