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Vodafone Brings eSIM Support To iPhones and iPads

Enabling dual-SIM with eSIM

Vodafone has become the latest telco in Australia to launch eSIM for their customers for smartphones and tablets. A technology that allows you to quickly add a Vodafone service to compatible devices without the need for a physical SIM card. Even as a secondary service with iPhone models that offer dual-SIM with eSIM technology.

eSIM is short for embedded SIM and is a relatively new technology that is arriving within the newest smartphones, tablets, watches, and more. The new iPad Pro, Apple Watch, iPhone XR, iPhone XS, and iPhone XS Max are the latest products from Apple which have eSIM. Essentially, it eliminates the need for the physical SIM card and enables signing up to plans on the go.

However, for the technology to work the telco carrier needs to enable it. Vodafone has become the second carrier in Australia to bring the service. Now, when you purchase a compatible smartphone or tablet you will have the option of using eSIM. Alternatively, you can add a Vodafone plan as a secondary plan, even if the primary service is with a different carrier.

When you purchase an eSIM enabled smartphone or tablet from Vodafone, you’ll have the option to use your eSIM in replacement of the physical SIM or add a secondary plan to your device. The choice is yours!

Vodafone Australia

There are several plans and offers currently being offered by Vodafone. For example, get 30GB of Max Speed data and then endless data at 1.5Mbps for just A$45/month (12-month contract).

Telstra is now the only carrier of the big three telcos yet to offer the service. Optus became the first and now Vodafone.

More information on using eSIM with iPhone can be viewed on Apple’s website. While the Vodafone website has all the information you need on Vodafone and eSIM.

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