AutoSleep Sleep Tracking App on Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Is Revealing Just How Terrible My Sleep Can Be

But I'm now setting goals

For the past number of years, I’ve been wearing an Apple Watch to track my health. As a consequence, I have made changes to improve my health and wellbeing. From eating better to ensuring I do sufficient exercise each day. Though they say a good nights sleep is critical to improving physical, mental health, and more. Therefore now I’m using Apple Watch to track my sleep.

Recently I discovered AutoSleep, an App for Apple Watch that tracks my sleep automatically. As a result, I have come to understand just how poor my sleep often is. But I am now setting goals to make improvements.

I want to share what information the app has been able to reveal, my routine, and how it may benefit you.

Automatic Tracking

About 30 minutes before I plan to lay in bed I put my Apple Watch on the charger by my bedside. Later when I plan to sleep I put my watch on and set Do Not Disturb mode on it and my iPhone. Then I simply turn off the lights – No need to open the app, press any buttons, or set anything,

The next thing I hope to hear is my alarm. When it does I get out of bed and hit the shower. But before I have even started my Apple Watch has already synced the result of my sleep to my iPhone ready for viewing. Even adding it to the Health app alongside the rest of my health data.

Sleep Data

Information the watch tracks throughout my sleep include:

  • How long I have slept for including start and finish time
  • The time it took for me to fall asleep (vs just laying in bed)
  • If and how many times I woke up throughout the night
  • Heart rate
  • Quality of sleep

My Sleep Session, Time Asleep, Sleep Rating, and more are displayed in a way that reminds me of the much-loved Activity Rings. Allowing me to quickly see when/if I was in a deep, still, or light sleep. Or if I was woken up.

Of all the information I find Deep Sleep most interesting. It is when my heart rate slows, therefore, my muscles relax to a point I am barely moving. Studies have shown we should get 1.5-1.8 hours of Deep Sleep a night.


It is no surprise to me that the information has revealed some nights I get terrible sleep. Some nights I don’t sleep long enough, don’t get any Deep Sleep, or get woken up regularly. But being able to see accurately my sleep I can now set some goals – goals I can even set within the app.

My current goals include:

  • Going to bed early enough that will ensure I get enough hours of sleep
  • Relaxing before going to bed in the hope I will go into a Deep Sleep state
  • Sleeping and waking up at similar times

The one concern I had about tracking sleep was the effect on battery of the watch. But I have found it to only use 5-10% throughout the night – much lower then I expected. However, I suggest charging your watch just before sleep and while having a shower in the morning.

More Information

Auto Sleep can be purchased from the App Store and is compatiable with all Apple Watch models. Currently I’m wearing an Apple Watch Series 4 which features next-generation sensors and more. More information can be found on Apple’s online store.