NETATMO launches their first HomeKit Smart Doorbell

"Hey Siri, who’s at the door?"

Netatmo has introduced their first doorbell compatible with Apple HomeKit as one of the first big announcements in smart home devices at CES this year. The Netatmo Smart Video Doorbell will let you use Siri to see who’s at your door and create automation through Apple’s Home app.

When someone presses the doorbell a Home notification appears on your iPhone. When clicked, a rich notification appears where you can interact with the person on the other side. For more advanced control you can use the Netatmo Security App to get notified if people walk into specific areas you’ve marked. This allows you to detect if people are creeping around outside the house. It’s also the first smart doorbell with a build in tamer alarm. This which alerts you immediately if someone tries to steal it off your door.

The doorbell is resistant to all types of Aussie weather conditions. The camera is a full 1080p, 160-degree wide-angle lens that will be able to give you a pretty good look at what’s outside your door and at night fill HD night vision. Installation requires a Wi-Fi connection and a wired doorbell (but you can just get a sparkie to install wires and a chime).

It’s also the first Smart Doorbell to have no subscription fees and no cloud connection. As Netatmo designs their products with the highest security in mind it has a built-in microSD card. And has the ability to connect with an at home FTP server which means it never comes into contact with insecure cloud servers.

Release and Pricing

You can expect the Netatmo Smart Doorbell to reach Aussie shelves by the second half of 2019. Pricing is yet to be confirmed.