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Record 360-Degree Video With These Insta360 ONE Camera Bundles

Capture video in all directions, edit later on your iPhone

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Imagine being able to record video in every direction and then later having the ability to pan around your video. It sounds crazy, but it is exactly what the Insta360 allows you to do.

And there are now two new bundles available at Apple exclusively. The Insta360 ONE and Insta360 ONE X.

Insta360 ONE Cameras

The Insta360 is a standalone camera that is capable of capturing video in all directions at once. In other words, 360-degree video (and photos). Meaning no matter where you record the video, you won’t miss anything around you. It can be used both standalone and attached to a range of accessories or your iPhone.

In terms of quality, the Insta360 ONE camera can capture 4K video. Already four times the quality of HD. While the new Insta360 ONE X can do an insane 5.7K 360° video. Therefore, you can expect the video that is captured from either of the two to be crystal clear.

Insta360 360 degree video

Another notable feature is stabilisation which will make your video smooth. As you capture video it will analyse for movement and smooth it out. For example, if you were to be running with the camera, or skiing down a mountain, it is likely you will be shaking the camera about. This feature will correct that and make the video as smooth as possible.

Camera Bundles

Two new Insta360 Camera Bundles are now available for purchase at Apple exclusively. And come with some accessories to use with the camera including an Insta360 Camera, Tripod, Selfie-stick, protective case, and more.

In Australia, the Insta360 ONE X Camera Bundle is priced at an RRP of A$779.95. While the Insta360 ONE Camera Bundle is priced at a cheaper RRP of A$479.95. Both of which can be purchased from Apple’s online store with free delivery and returns.

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