New silver mophie powerhouse battery with iPhone X and Apple Watch

mophie’s New Lightning-supported Battery Packs Now At Apple

mophie, who are well known for their external battery accessories, has released an entirely new lineup of Powerstation battery packs. Available now exclusively at Apple, they allow you to charge your iPhone or iPad while on the go – great for those travelling and who are likely to be away from a charger.

Powerstation Plus

The new range of four (4) Powerstation University Battery packs varies ever-so-slightly in features and battery capacity. But all of them have been designed and certified to use Apple’s Lightning Connector. Allowing you to directly charge your iOS device, such as an iPhone, directly with the packs.

I’ve had a look at the range and noticed two of the packs, the Powerstation Plus 6000 and 10,000 come with a Lightning Cable integrated. They also have a high-output USB-A port, priroity+ charging, and are finished in a “premium fabric”.

New Mophie Powerstation pack with iPad and iPhone X

This fabric has another good use, it gives the product the ability to be charged when placed on a wireless charger. The same way you are able to wireless charge an iPhone, such as the new iPhone X.

Extra Battery

The amount of extra battery they provide depends on the capacity of the battery and the device you’re charging. As a guide, the cheapest pack can deliver 20 extra hours to an iPhone X. While the largest pack, the XXL 20 battery, can delivery a crazy 70 hours.

Buy online

The new range is available exclusively in Australia from Apple, including their online store. Prices start at A$89.95 and go up to A$149.95, all come with free delivery or pick-up and 14-day free returns.

Personally, I think the mophie powerstation plus 6000 is great value. It has an integrated Lighting-Cable, fabric finish, and can provide an extra 20 hours of battery to an iPhone X. All while remaining portable and easy to carry around.

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