iBooks To Be Replaced by Apple Books, with New Features

This Spring, with the release of iOS 12, Apple will be replacing iBooks with Apple Books. In what will be an entirely new app that has been redesigned to make discovering and reading easier and better.

To achieve this goal, Apple will be releasing Apple Books with a number of changes, while adding new features. This includes a new dedicated audiobooks tab, a ‘Want To Read’ Wishlist, recommendations, new design, and more.

Apple Books

Key features and changes of the app include:

Reading Now

A new ‘Reading Now’ tab on the app will be where you can see the books you’re reading and the audiobooks you’re listening to.

Interestingly, the cover of the book or audiobook will show a percentage of progress so you’re able to quickly see how much you’ve got to go.

Audio Books

Audiobooks will now get its own dedicated tab and section in what can be seen as the biggest new addition to Apple Books. As the name suggests, it is where you can find and listen to the Audiobooks you’ve purchased from the Book Store.

Apple Books App in AudioBooks Tab on iPhone X

Listening to the books will be possible from iPhone, iPad, or even in the car with CarPlay. It will also be possible to stop listening and start from where you left off from another device you own.


Other changes and additions have been made to the Books Store tab and Library tab.

The Books Store tab is where you can browse and purchase books and audiobooks. It has been redesigned with a new Top Charts, Staff Picks, Editorial Collections, plus Special Offers and Free section. As you read books or listen to audiobooks, the Books Store tab will begin to make recommendations.

Lastly, the Library tab. Where you can peruse your full collection of books with large, easy-to-see cover art, including the books downloaded to your device and a Finished section showcasing the books you have read in the past and the date you finished them, displayed in a timeline.


Apple Books will be released with iOS 12, Apples latest significant update to the mobile operating system for iPhone and iPad. It is due to be released in Australia during Spring, most likely early rather than late.

The current iBooks app and service will be replaced by Apple Books. Of course, all your existing purchases will continue to be made available.

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