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Apple TV 4K Australia

Apple Now Selling Refurbished Apple TV 4K Models

For the first time, Apple is now offering Certified Refurbished Apple TV 4K models in Australia. The two models, Apple TV 4K in either 32GB or 64GB of storage, can be purchased for A$40 cheaper than new.

Certified Refurbished models are sold exclusively from Apple’s own online store. Therefore, you can ensure you’re getting a genuine Apple TV 4K. It also means you will get a number of benefits on top of the discounted pricing. This includes every model coming with the Siri remote, power-lead and one-year warranty.

Apple TV 4K Certified Refurbished Model in White Box

All purchases also come with free delivery and 14-day free returns. Should for any reason you are not satisfied with either the product or the refurbished side of things, you can return it free. In my opinion, not a bad deal.

Apple TV 4K

Apple TV 4K gives you the ability to stream a range of content in HD and 4K HDR. From Movies and TV Shows on iTunes to services such as Netflix, Stan, TEN Play, 9Now, and even Apple Music. There are hundreds of apps available to download on Apple TV via the App Store. Perhaps one of the best features of Apple TV is the Siri remote. This allows you to search for content using your voice.

Apple TV 4k Watch Now Australia

Apple TV is not a TV itself, rather, a small device which can be plugged into any modern TV via HDMI. To experience 4K content, you do need to have a 4K-enabled TV.

Refurbished Pricing

Certified Refurbished Apple TV 4K models are priced from A$209 with 32GB of storage. If you want more storage, the 64GB model will cost just A$239. Both models are A$40 cheaper than the RRP of a new one. It is also worth mentioning, sales on a new model, are generally rare.

You can learn more or purchase one from Apple online. Apple does state supply is limited and availability is guaranteed once you place your order.

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