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HomePass HomeKit iPhone App

HomePass, a new way to store your HomeKit Codes

Today HomePass has launched on the iOS App Store and is a new way to store HomeKit paring codes. HomeKit products require a pairing code to connect to the home app and if you lose one it can be a pain if you ever need to pair it back again. HomePass solves this problem by creating one place to store all your HomeKit codes. This means you won’t need to find the code in the original packaging, or write them down in a notebook.

HomePass stores your codes in iCloud keeping them safe and secure at all times and easily recoverable at any time.

HomePass App HomeKit Light

When setting up HomePass you can import your current devices making it super easy to get started. Simply sync with your current home, add the pairing codes and you’re done!

In iOS 11, Apple added new ways to pair your HomeKit devices and HomePass also supports the storing of QR codes.


HomePass launches on the App Store today at A$4.49.

Photo Credit – HomePass App