Amazon Australia Launch

Amazon Australia Launches with selected Apple products

Amazon has officially launched in Australia with a fairly large range of products which can be delivered to around Australia. The launch sees “millions” of new products available from a range of categories from clothing and fashion, toys and games, electronics and more.

One category of products I naturally looked for was Apple and the range of Apple products available at launch on Amazon Australia.

Buying Apple on Amazon

There does appear to be some Apple products available for purchase on Amazon in Australia, however, the range is quite limited. Many MacBook Pro models seem to be available as well as some MacBook Air, iPad and iPad Pro models.

There are some important things to understand when it comes to buying Apple products from Amazon and other websites such as eBay. Firstly, Apple themselves do not sell on Amazon so this means the products listed are being sold by third-party retailers. This may mean some sellers are not official Apple resellers and may sell stock which has been imported into Australia (grey imports). This potentially does create an issue with warranty.

Secondly, if a product has been imported, such as an iPhone it may be an international version. Usually, the product will still work in Australia however, may not work to the full potential as an Australian model when it comes to connecting to cellular networks.


There does seem to be at least one Authorised Apple reseller who is selling Australian stock at launch on Amazon. iFrog, a Queensland-based reseller is offering a number of Apple products at discounted prices including:

Other products available include the iPad, iPad Pro and many accessories.

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