Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band

Apple Watch Woven Nylon Band Hands-on Review

I’m going to take a look at the new Woven Nylon Band for the Apple Watch – as you may know, Apple announced these only recently. There are 7 different colours to choose from, including Gold and Red, Gold and Blue, Royal Blue,  Pink, Pearl, Scuba Blue, however the one I have here is the Black band.

The Woven Nylon band is one of the newest styles Apple have released and is actually the first time a new style of band has been added to the Apple Watch Sport collection.

There are three Apple Watch collections, those being the Apple Watch Sport, Apple Watch and finally the Apple Watch Edition. The Apple Watch Sport has always been the most affordable, but only came with these Sports bands – unless you bought bands separately, you had a pretty limited choice of options. So right away the Nylon band finally gives a new look to the entry level Apple Watch at the same price as the existing sports bands.

Apple have created the band from over 500 threads woven together to create a unique pattern, and looking close up you can see this is certainly the case. When it comes to the Black colour it seems to be woven with black, grey and silver coloured threads so it does make the band look more like a grey metallic colour, rather than completely black as you may expect.

Woven Nylon Band
Black Woven Nylon Band

Overall the band feels as good as it looks. I actually find it breathes a lot more than my sports band and it is noticeably lighter too so this has become the band I wear everyday, leaving the sports band for when I’m at the gym, I suspect this will be the case for many. Regardless, the band feels like it is made of durable, good quality materials that will last and stand being worn all the time in any situation.

Putting the band on is just as easy as sliding off your current band and sliding the new band on, which is adjustable with a series of holes like a typical watch band and held in place with a new buckle, that I think looks a lot more stylish than the pin that is on the sports band.

The Woven Nylon band is available in both the 38mm and 42mm in seven colours from the Apple Online Store for A$79.