iOS 8

Apple announces iOS 8 with major new features

The next major update to iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch has been announced this morning – Called iOS 8.

Apple iOS 8

What is new in iOS 8?

  • Interactive notifications – For example reply to a message instantly in notification centre.
  • Recent Contacts – Access your recent contacts & favourites by simply double tapping your home button.
  • Search – Find restaurants, songs on iTunes, Wikipedia, Apps on the app store from Spotlight on iPhone.
  • Quicktype – Predictive typing suggestions, type much faster than before. iOS will now show suggested words as you type.
  • Receive SMS messages (Green messages) on your iPad in addition to iMessages (blue messages).
  • Messages – Add & remove people in group messages, name group convos, temporary silent group messages. Send & receive audio messages.
  • iCloud Drive – Save files to your iCloud online storage & access them on your iPad, iPhone, Mac & PC.
  • Health – HealthKit, provides the ability for apps and third party accessories to monitor your health & record them in a health app.
    • Including advanced readings such as blood pressure, blood glucose levels,
  • Family Sharing – Share photos, calendars, reminders, Music, Movies, TV Shows & more with your family.
  • Your kids can now vertically ‘ask’ you to purchase a App.
  • Photos – Store & view ALL your photos in iCloud, with the ability to search for photos.
  • Siri – Shazam song recognition, purchase iTunes content
  • ‘App Bundles’ – Buy multiple apps at a discounted price with 1 tap.
  • App Previews – Short video previews
  • App ‘TestFlight’ – Be invited to test new apps on the app store.
  • Use TouchID on third party apps.

iOS 8 Health

With iOS 8 developers will be able to create apps which can monitor and add health related things into a new app called ‘Health’.

Accessory makers will also be able to use third party products to get certain health data and store them in your health book.

When can I get iOS 8?

At this stage it’s only available to developers; those who make apps for your devices for testing purposes.

Apple has announced the release date to be “spring“.

iOS 8 Countdown