Apple trying to stop Kogan importing iPad 2 to Australia via Hong Kong?

News broke 2 days ago of Australian business Kogan selling iPad 2 cheap by importing them to Australia from Hong Kong. By doing this they are obtaining the iPad 2’s cheaper than the RRP price here in Australia and not paying GST.

This has resulted in savings of up to $160! Huge savings considering Apple heavily regulates their prices.

So much so i have received word in the pipe lines that Apple may be looking at stopping Kogan, as they may not be ‘legit’ with Apple and breakes manufacture agreements. There is also a possibility Apple will not be acknowledging warranty here in Australia.

[note color=”#F5F5F5″]… from a source at a reseller, can’t say who tho – By COB yesterday apple had issued a warning to resellers.

Anyone who purchases one that isn’t from apple or an authorized reseller it basically won’t be covered by apple warranty.[/note]

I can’t confirm anything as of yet and personally I ask myself how can Apple stop this when there is nothing wrong in importing from overseas …

Have you heard anything?