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Apple Store 2.0 launches in Australia

Product Information on iPad

Retail stores around Australia have launched ‘Retail 2.0’ to mark the 10th anniversary of Apple Retail stores. We knew this was coming but what exactly has happened?

  • iPads display product prices & information for products.
  • iPads display product features, prices and lets you compare between models.
  • Use the iPad to ask a specialist to to come to you.
  • Apple store staff appear to be wearing party hats.
Ask Specialist to come to you

A few tweets are reporting these changes:

@iB3nji just went, they have party hats and iPads as the info things next to products.


Totally new experience @ Apple #Store2.0… Prices and information displayed on #ipad2 #apple #brisbane #Australia #chemside #omg #wtf

Apple Store Brisbane

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  1. Apple Stores across Australia are better than ever with the 2.0 update. The stores, although are very small and squished up now as all products have their own table.

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