Apple Cuts iPad Pro Pricing In Australia By Up To A$300

The iPad Pro is now cheaper than ever to buy with Apple cutting the price by up to A$300 in Australia for both the 9.7-inch and 12.9-inch models. You can also save a further A$30 off these new prices with the Apple Educational Pricing Offer which is available to students, teachers, parents, and staff.

The iPad Pro are the latest iPad models released by Apple that allow you to be more productive and creative than ever from an iPad. They feature powerful performance, Retina displays, great apps, and are compatible with the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard to be used.

9.7-inch iPad Pro Accessories

The smaller-sized 9.7-inch iPad Pro received price cuts from A$50 to A$250 depending on which model you choose. The entry-level model with 32GB of storage and Wi-Fi now starts at just A$849 saving A$50 or A$1,049 with Wi-Fi + Cellular connectivity saving A$150. Going up to the largest model with 256GB storage and Wi-Fi + Cellular a saving of A$250 can be seen with the new price of A$1349 (was $A1,599)

The larger iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch Retina HD Display got a price cut of A$100 on the entry level 32GB Wi-Fi model but the biggest saving of A$300 can be seen on the 256GB Wi-Fi iPad Pro at A$1,449.

9.7-inch iPad Pro Price Cut:

  • 32GB Wi-Fi: A$849 (was A$899) save A$50
  • 128GB Wi-Fi: A$999 (was A$1,149) save A$150
  • 256GB Wi-Fi: A$1,149 (was A$1,399) save A$250
  • 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: A$1,049 (was A$1,099) save A$50
  • 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: A$1,199 (was A$1,349) save A$150
  • 256GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: A$1,349 (was A$1,599) save A$250

12.9-inch iPad Pro Price Cut:

  • 32GB Wi-Fi: A$1,149 (was A$1,249) save A$100
  • 128GB Wi-Fi: A$1,299 (was A$1,499) save A$200
  • 256GB Wi-Fi: A$1,449 (was A$1,749) save A$300
  • 128GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: A$1,499 (was A$1,669) save A$170
  • 256GB Wi-Fi + Cellular: A$1,649 (was A$1,919) save A$50

You can learn more about iPad Pro including the Apple Pencil and Smart Keyboard from Apple online. If you’re a university student, parent of one or a staff member you can also save A$30 off a new iPad Pro by shopping at Apple online for Education.

2 replies on “Apple Cuts iPad Pro Pricing In Australia By Up To A$300

  • Mark Fulton

    Re iPad Pro 9.7 inch 32glg plus Cellular is the price and saving of $50 correct?
    The email notification seems to suggest that the price has actually increased for this model!
    Mark Fulton

    • Ben

      Hi Mark,

      I can confirm for sure the 9.7-inch iPad Pro 32GB Wi-Fi + Cellular was originally A$1,099 but is now A$1,049 saving A$50.

      I had it the wrong way around in this post (Now A$1,099 was A$1,049) but I have since fixed that sorry!



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