Apple Has Cookie Monster Explain iPhone 6s Hands-Free Siri In New Ad

Apple has released a new ad highlighting ‘Hands-free Siri’ on iPhone 6s, by featuring much-loved character Cookie Monster. The new feature on iPhone 6s models allows you to use Siri, the built-in virtual assistant by simply saying “Hey Siri” near your iPhone, a feature Cookie Monster uses while baking his favourite food – cookies.

The 1-minute ad starts off with Cookie placing a tray of cookie dough into the oven, he is then seen setting a timer by simply saying “Hey Siri, set a timer for 15-minutes” without having to touch his iPhone using his flour-covered hands.

Cookie Monster Apple Ad
Cookie Monster Baking Cookies

To pass the time, Cookie Monster then asks Siri to play his ‘waiting playlist,’ and Jim Croce’s ballad “Time in a Bottle” immediately starts playing. Following this Cookie Monster can be seen struggling to wait for the timer to finish, he starts to read a cookie cookbook, and plays with kitchen utensils.

Cookie Monster iPhone Hands Free Siri
“Hey Siri, please check the timer”.

Trying to cope with the wait Cookie Monster then uses the hands-free Siri feature for the last time to ask how much time is left on the timer by asking “Hey Siri, please check the timer” to discover only a short amount of time has gone by.

The ad is a fun and clever way to explain the new feature, which is exclusive to the new iPhone 6s models. iPhone 6s starts from A$1,079, available from the Apple Online Store.

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