Roam In New Zealand On Your iPhone Free With Vodafone Australia

Using your iPhone/mobile phone overseas can easily add a huge cost to your bill, with many carriers charging you large amounts to use data, or even phone calls. This is sometimes referred to as ‘bill shock’ – something Vodafone Australia is working hard to change.

Vodafone Roaming Deal iPhone
Roaming with iPhone

Vodafone Australia’s roaming deal, which allows you to use your iPhone (and other mobile phones) in over 50 selected countries for just $5 a day, as if you were still in Australia got a whole lot better. Vodafone have announced roaming in New Zealand is now completely free – this means you can use all your included calls and data you have overseas in New Zealand for no extra cost, which is perfect for the upcoming ski season that sees thousands of travellers visit New Zealand from Australia annually.

“Many Australians travelling overseas continue to be denied the right to use their phones like they would at home, and are instead spending their holiday downtime searching for free WiFi or worse still, paying excessive mobile roaming rates. This is something Vodafone is working hard to change.” – Vodafone Australia

In comparison (as of 1st Feb, 2016 to NZ), Telstra charges $15 for 3 days giving you just 225MB of data to a huge $150 for just 2.20 GB over 30 days. Optus charges $10 a day for only 50MB. However, for Vodafone Australia customers the cost is $0.

Eligible Plans

To use this offer you must connect to a Vodafone Red or SIM-Only plan – all of which vary in pricing and included data. Vodafone Red plans allow you to choose a phone as part of your contract, while the Sim Only plans are great for those who already have an iPhone or plan to buy one outright from the Apple Online Store.

This offer also applies to SIM Only month-to-month plans, which are great for those who don’t want to sign up to a lengthy contract. Those plans start at $30/month for 500MB data and range from $40/month for 3GB, $50/month for 10GB, $60/month for 12GB and $80/month for a huge 14GB of data. You can also sign up to 12 and 24-month sim only plans which include even more data of up to 20GB for just $85/month (24-month plan).

Vodafone Australia Roaming Network


While this deal does include all smart phones, iPhone including the new iPhone 6s & 6s Plus is available from Vodafone Australia with their Red plans on a 24-month contract starting at $79/month for the 16GB iPhone 6s.

iPhone is also available outright from the Apple Online Store allowing you to then connect to a Sim Only plan with Vodafone.

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