Say hi to more data with this special deal from amaysim

If unlimited standard calls & SMS plus a huge 5GB of data a month for just $44.90 sounds good to you, head over to amaysim to get 50% off your first month this November.

This amaysim plan is not only compatible with all iPhone’s including the new iPhone 6/6 Plus it’s also a no contract plan meaning you can join or leave anytime you like. All you need to do is go to the amaysim website and order your SIM from the Mobile Plans tab with Sydney folks able to get their SIM delivered in 3 hours.

amaysim has won a huge amount of awards with the most recent won in 2014. amaysim currently runs on the Optus 3G network which is ever expanding, currently they do not offer 4G however it’s likely in the future.

Outright unlocked iPhone models are available from the Apple Online Store.

amaysim Unlimited Plan:

“With unlimited talk & text plus a massive 5GB of data, amaysim UNLIMITED gives you a HUGE amount of data at a fantastic price, all in Oz. If you’re a chatterbox or data-addict, you can focus on your friends instead of worrying about the cost.

Best of all, there are no lock-in contracts with any amaysim mobile phone plans. It’s no wonder amaysim has won the 2014 Canstar award for Most Satisfied Customers.”

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