The countdown is on to Apple’s next major event


One of the biggest Apple events is set to take place this week in what is expected to be one of the highly watched keynotes this year (and i’d say in the last few years). The event will take place in USA on September 9th which means it will be September 10th here in Australia.

Apple as usual is keeping fairly quiet on the event simply leaving a clue … “Wish we could say more.”. They even have a countdown on their own website, something they don’t do often.

So what is coming?

No one officially knows but I can tell you it’s highly reported they’ll be announcing the new iPhone, and potentially a lot more.

Then there’s also the new OS X Yosemite & iOS 8 for Mac and iOS devices they announced in the June WWDC keynote in which we’ll likely see some further new features & release date information.

Then there’s the reported news of a smart watch … yes smart watch. Anything is going to be possible so keep a eye out this week for plenty of more information!

Where to watch?

Apple has announced they will be live streaming the event over Apple TV, and at the Apple website for those who want to get up early enough. How early? For Sydney it’s 3am on Wednesday September 10th, of course i’ll be posting all the news from the event on the day.

If you miss the event live Apple will post video shortly after the event for everyone to watch.

Be notified

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