Likely Australian iPad 2 Pricing

Here is the likely Australian iPad 2 pricing which will be on sale March 25th*:

iPad 2 WIFI

iPad with Wi-Fi 16GB A$ 549.00
iPad with Wi-Fi 32GB A$ 679.00
iPad with Wi-Fi 64GB A$ 789.00

iPad 2 WIFI + 3G

iPad with Wi-Fi/3G 16GB A$ 698.00
iPad with Wi-Fi/3G 32GB A$ 829.00
iPad with Wi-Fi/3G 64GB A$ 939.00

*Does not include GST

Steve jobs today said they will be selling the iPad 1 at $100 cheaper which they have done. But they have changed Australian iPad 1 pricing then subtracted $100. The pricing above takes this change into account then adds $100.

You can purchase a iPad 1 now starting at just $449

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