Update: New deals, pricing and site update

Over the last 24 hours i have rolled out some updates to the website with changes made to the pricing table. The new design allows for more me to show you the cheapest mac prices around.

Over the last 3 weeks i have seen a rise in the number of hits to this website. I aim to keep up to date with the cheapest mac pricing around including the best deals around, just recently we have has a user buy a new MacBook 2.4Ghz for just $2,133 (RRP $2,549) by using the dockets on this website.

Here are some updates:

  1. Follow us on Twitter and keep up to date with the latest deals and Mac news.
  2. New Alu MacBook 2.4Ghz sold for just $2,133 (RRP $2,549).
  3. New Pricing to iMacs from zerothree and i-tech. Get a entry iMac for just A$1,874 from zerothree, high performance model for just A$3,493 from i-Tech. Check more of the pricing by visiting the cheapest iMac prices
  4. New Pricing to MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air from zerothree and i-tech. Be sure to check them out as there are some great prices including a new alu MacBook 2.4Ghz for just A$2,395 from zerothree.
  5. Last days for some deals including the bundle deals at Dicksmiths. Be sure to keep up to the date with the latest specials/deals news

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