New Macbook 2.4Ghz recently sold for $2,133

A user by the name of “oOoOo” on whirlpool has told he has been able to buy a new MacBook 2.4Ghz for $2,133 at David Jones Miranda today for $2133 by using the number of reciepts found on this website.

“The user writes “I went to JBhifi first and showed all the receipts I found at They simply refused to give me any offer, even 1 dollar. Then I went upstairs to DJ. The lady there is very friendly. She asked her supervisor, and told me that they could only do price match if JBHifi is still selling MB at that price. I was a bit worried. She called up parramatta JBHifi. Thanks to those folks in JB parramatta store, they returned the positive answer. :D I should buy them some drinks… Whole purchase is done in 15 minutes.

Btw. JB is still selling Airport Express (MB321X/A) for $128 in store. So I bought one there.”

The price of $2,133 is a considerable saving; the MacBook purchased starts at Apple for A$2,549.

Update: “oOoOo” has shared the reciept. You can get it here

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