Apple MacBook 12-inch

Apple MacBook

The MacBook features a 12-inch Retina display, a full-size keyboard, the all-new Force Touch trackpad, all-day battery life, with a design that makes it the thinnest and lightest.

Learn more about the Apple MacBook by comparing models, prices, and more.

Apple 12-inch MacBook Colours

Compare Prices

See where you can buy a 12-inch MacBook at the best prices from around Australia including how you can save up to A$140 with Apple’s Educational Pricing Offer.

Apple 12-inch MacBook

Save up to A$120 Off

Purchase an Apple Mac Computer with Apple’s Educational Pricing Offer and you will save up to A$120 on a new MacBook.

Refurbished Models

Save 15% or more on current and previous generation 12-inch MacBook models with Apple’s genuine refurbished pricing offer.

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