Educational: Coding, Robotics, and More

Find the best educational learning accessories for anyone of all ages including kids to learn which are designed for the iPhone or iPad, sourced from Apple and other stores around Australia.

Including programmable robots, coding game kits, and more which teaches the basics of programming, coding, and lots more.

Sphero Robots

Sphero robots are designed to be fun and interactive to develop skills in programming and robots. Connect Sphero to an iPhone or iPad, use the free companion app and easily learn to program. Sphero can be programmed to navigate a maze, complete a painting, mimic a solar system, and lots more. It’s fun for everyone of all ages.

SPRK+ by Sphero is compatiable with Apple’s Swift Coding App for iPad.

What is SPRK+?

Ubtech Jimu Robotics

Building and programming your own robot using easy-to-assemble components and the app on your iPhone or iPad. Compatiable with Apple’s Swift Coding App for iPad.

Osmo for iPad

Award-winning Osmo kits for iPad opens up a new way of interactive learning for kids. For example, the Osmo Gaming it for iPad develop an understanding of programming/coding, drawing and physics with hands-on coding blocks which interact with the iPad.

Other Osmo Kits for iPad enable the development of other skills such as drawing, physics, and spatial reasoning.

Osmo Coding Game Kit for iPad

  • Programming
  • Drawing
  • Physics

Osmo Genius Kit System for iPad

  • Science
  • Math
  • Art and more

Osmo Brain Game Kit for iPad

  • Spatial reasoning
  • Physics
  • Drawing

What is Osmo?


Latest news and announcements related to coding and education including new accessories.

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