Smart Home

Find the best home automation systems and products for your home which are designed for the iPhone, Apple Watch, and more sourced from Apple and other stores around Australia.

Including Apple HomeKit-enabled devices, wireless lighting, sensors, and more.

Home Accessories

Wireless Lighting

Control your home or office lighting from an iPhone or Apple Watch with these lighting accessories. Simply change your light globe with these and you will be able to make commands via an app or Siri.

If you’re new to wireless lighting look at the Philips Hue Starter Kits which contains everything you need.

Door Deadbolts

Smart deadbolts enable a range of possibilities for accessing your home from an iPhone or Apple Watch. These deadbolts allow you to lock or unlock your door all wirelessly from an app or Siri while also sensing potential door attacks.

  • Schlage Sense HomeKit Door Deadbolt



Measure important information in and around your home including weather, room temperature, and more.

  • Elgato Eve Indoor Room Home Sensor

  • Elgato Eve Home Weather Outdoor Sensor


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