Official iPhone Smart Battery Case


Battery Cases

Find the best battery cases for your iPhone including the new iPhone 7 which allow you to charge your iPhone on the go, increasing your battery life. Sourced from Apple and other stores around Australia.

Including Apple’s Smart Case, Mophie, Boostcase, and other battery extenders.

Featured accessory

Apple Smart Case for iPhone

Designed and engineered for the iPhone by Apple with options for the iPhone 6/6s and the new iPhone 7/

Battery Cases

Charge On The Go

Battery Cases have a built-in battery which charges your iPhone on the go which can often double the battery life of your iPhone.

Most battery cases include on-off switches and can be charged along with your iPhone at the same time.

Apple Smart Case

The official iPhone battery case engineered by Apple.

Boostcase Hybrid Battery Case

Attachable transparent battery case, doubling your battery.

Mophie Juice Pack Air 100%

Light-weight delivering 100% extra battery.

Mophie iPhone Wireless Charge

Wireless charging & 50% extra battery

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