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AirSnap Leather Case for AirPods Review, perfect for attaching to an AirTag and more

AirSnap by Twelve South is a leather case for your AirPods. Yes, I know what you may be thinking… “a case for a case?”. However, I have certainly found some things I love about AirSnap. Including being able to attach my AirPods to things – including my AirTag. Making the product have a good purpose.

I have recently got hold of an AirSnap Leather Case in Black. And here are some thoughts and what I have come to love about it.


I have genuinely found Twelve South products to be well-designed and well-thought-out. AirSnap is no exception.

The case is made from full-grain leather. Thick enough to certainly protect the AirPods case from damage. And has a soft premium feel to it. After all, Twelve South has had a long history of working with leather in their products. Best known for their vintage-book style cases for iPhone, iPad, and the Mac.

At first, I did expect the case to be a hard-shell type one. However, it is soft and flexible, allowing my AirPods case to fit nice and snug inside. Once inside, can be enclosed by leather with a foldable top cover.

Removing each AirPod is easy. And thanks to some well-throughout-design you may not need to remove the AirPods case – ever. Cut-outs at the bottom provide access to a charging cable. If you have AirPods with Wireless Charging Case, it will still charge wirelessly inside AirSnap.

Attach to items

By far what I love most, however, is the ability to attach my AirPods to things. I have chosen my AirTag and keys. So I can find my AirPods easily and not ever lose them again. In my view, this is one of the biggest advantages to the product. After all, the AirPods case is a minimal hard shell that can easily get lost.

A metal clip makes it incredibly easy to attach to things. From a bag, set of keys, AirTag, and more. And since the clip is made from metal, I am confident it won’t break off. But the clip is removable, so it is easy to place AirSnap in your pocket, just as I had done before.

Not a week goes by where I can’t find my AirPods. And I don’t believe I am alone on that. I have either left them in a pocket of clothing, my car, bag, or around the house. The combination of AirSnap and AirTag has been incredibly helpful in helping me locate them. If you are not familiar with AirTag, you can learn more about them here.

Last thoughts

Overall I am finding AirSnap to be of great quality and well thought out. And the benefit of attaching them to things makes it more than just “a case for a case”. Not to mention – they add a bit of personalisation to AirPods.

What don’t I like? Honestly, I can’t pick anything. It is a fairly simple product at the end of the day. And at this stage, nothing has upset me with the product.

Pricing and Availability

In Australia, AirSnap Leather Case for AirPods is available for a recommended retail price A$49.99. AirSnap is designed for AirPods. But there is also a version designed for AirPods Pro. AirSnap Pro, suitable for AirPods Pro, is available for a recommended retail price of A$64.99.

Both versions are available in a variety of colours and can be purchased from a number of retail stores online. Including Amazon, Twelve South, MacGear, JB Hi-Fi, and more. More Twelve South products are also available on Amazon.

AirSnap Leather Case for AirPods Review, perfect for attaching to an AirTag and more
Great quality and leather
Cut-out for charging cable
Works with wireless charging
Attach to items such as a bag, AirTag, and more
Buy online

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