Playstation 5 Controller playing game on iPad Pro

How to connect a PS5 controller to an iPad or iPhone

For a while now it has been possible to connect a wireless gaming controller to an iPhone or iPad. And with the latest releases of iOS 14, the ability to connect the new Playstation 5 (PS5) controller. While all games on the App Store work with the iPad and iPhone’s touch screen, some are compatiable with controllers. Including many games on Apple’s Apple Arcade service.

To connect a PS5 controller or other compatible gaming controller to iPhone or iPad, simply follow these steps:

  1. Update to the newest iOS or iPadOS release by navigating to Settings > General > Software > Software Update
  2. Tap ‘Settings’ and then tap ‘Bluetooth’
  3. On the PS5 controller, press and hold the ‘PS5’ (in the middle) and the share button (top left on the front) simultaneously. Wait for the lights to flash
  4. ‘DualSense Wireless Controller’ should now display in Bluetooth settings on your iPhone or iPad. Select it and it should now say ‘Connected’
  5. Happy gaming!

How to connect a PS5 controller to an #iPad or iPhone. #Gaming

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Games with are compatible with Gaming Controllers are listed on the App Store. Simply scroll down and check under the ‘Supports’ section. If supported, it will display ‘Gaming Controllers – Play with your favourite Playstation DualShock 4, Xbox Wireless or MFi Controller.’

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