Complete Anatomy App To Use LiDAR Scanner in iPad Pro To Bring New Interactive Feature

One of the most popular Anatomy Apps will soon be updated to take advantage of the new LiDAR Scanner in iPad Pro. Enabling an accurate and instant measurement of the range of motion from a patient.

Complete Anatomy is an advance 3D anatomy platform with groundbreaking technology, models, and content. With over 17,000 interactive structures, real-time muscle movement, clinical videos, and more.

The app has gone on to change the way students more learn. And how doctors discuss the way the human body works to patients. While also winning several awards including Apple Design Award Winner and Best of App Store (Mac and iPad).

Accurate Motion Measurement

In a video, Irene Walsh, chief design officer at Complete Anatomy has provided an insight into their next update. One which brings a new feature only possible because of the new LiDAR Scanner in the new iPad Pro.

Using the new LiDAR Scanner in the iPad Pro, the App can use motion capture in three dimensions. Something that was not possible before. Enabling a new feature that allows healthcare professionals to accurately measure the range of motion of patients recovering from injury or surgery. While at the same time, able to visualise which muscles the patient is using. It can even show the range of the patient compared to their range goal.

The 2020-released iPad Pro is the first product Apple has added LiDAR technology. LiDAR, which stands for ‘Light Detection and Ranging’ uses light to measure the distance between the iPad and a surface. Therefore, in this case, the iPad Pro can provide accurate data on the movement of a patient.


Complete Anatomy can be downloaded for free from the App Store on iPad, but no specific release date has been given for the update. While it is free to download, a subscription is required to get full features.

The new iPad Pro is now available to purchase from Apple online starting at a Recommended Retail Price of A$1,349. Students and Teachers can save up to A$170 with Apple’s Educational Pricing Offer.

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